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We are a small family run business located on the Powis Shropshire border. We have been building 'stuff' for over 20 years. Builds range from narrow boats to our family home. We can build great garden structures, including Shepherds huts, Showmans wagons and Caravans, that make great alternatives to the traditional shed. They can be an alternative office, a spare bedroom, an adult wendy house, a potting shed, a bird hide, an attractive addition to a campsite for the new glamping craze, an alternative workshop a home cinema, or even a roadside tea wagon. Will consider building anything really, so ask away! Email davestilthouse@googlemail.com Phone: 01588 620132

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New and Custom Huts

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Shepherds Huts

There is a 6 to 8 week turnaround on the huts. Each Hut is individual to you, built to your requirements using locally sourced timber. They are fully insulated with recycled glass rock wool with a breathable membrane on the outside. As standard in all huts are the following:
  • Small wood stove 4kw fitted
  • Double bed
  • Electrics, 240v. 12v alternative available
  • 2 double sockets
  • 4 Recessed Low energy LED lights
  • Consumer unit
  • External hook up point
  • Table: free standing or fold down
  • Shelves
  • Fully painted, choice of colours
  • Double Glazing
  • Fully insulated all round with 100mm glass wool (made from recycled glass bottles)
  • Stable door
  • Solid steel 40 mil axle
  • Painted Steel rim wheels made locally by Cambrian Foundry
  • Turning axle
  • Draw bar
  • Steps
  • Solid treated timber chassis
  • Clad in Western Red Cedar
  • Up to five opening windows
  • Solid Oak Floor
  • Exterior Carriage style outside light
  • New galvanised corrugated iron roof, plastic coated
  • Traditional forged window and door furniture.

From £9,500 for 12ft Huts.

Prices start from £6,995 for standard unpainted huts,

Delivery is now charged at £1 per mile.

Internal furnishings can be altered to suit, beds replaced with a desk for an office space, less windows to create a unique home cinema.

If required hut can be built on a steel road going chassis, with pneumatic tyres, brakes etc, price on application.

You can even hire a hut for your event!

Coming soon:
Half sized huts for the smaller garden!

Can Export to Europe, and will consider further afield!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Huts N Stuff Nordic Adventure.


We received an email which truth be told we first considered to be a wind up. “A hut to Norway?”
Well, we said, Yes it could probably be done, and left it pretty much at that.

Several months past, and then suddenly we get a few more emails. Same idea, a hut to Norway.
Then a few months, there was us, the trusted truck and a hut loading onto a boat at 2 am ready to leave Immingham and head for Norway. 

The ferry takes a couple of days, going via Gothemburg (Sweden) before landing in Brevic Norway. Thankfully the seas were calm for our trip out. 

Landing at night, we disembarked the ferry, had a very pleasant trip through customs and headed off with a sat nav and a pretty good sense of direction for the motorway which would take us almost all the way to the hut's new resting place. The motorway in question, however, was shut.

The diversion was down a winding road which had speed bumps every few hundred yards and was a 40 km/h road. The speed limit wasn't a major problem, carrying the hut as we were, however the speed bumps made it slower still.

Eventually, after a missed turning back upon the motorway and a corkscrew bridge which was a little tense, we were making good progress back upon the motorway before being kicked off once more.

This continued, moving from the great straight roads onto twisting ones a few times during the evening. Having gotten back on the motorway again we were greeted with tunnel after tunnel dealing with mountains and rivers in much the same way.

Right where we left it the night before. 

The hut arrived in the middle of the night, having kept the new owner informed during the evening travels. It was parked up by the coast and then we retired, finally, ready for the positioning of the hut the next morning.

On The Lorry
Getting the hut into position, after weighing up the terrain, was relatively easy. The truck made it up a winding gravel track and then onto a grass area without any real problems.

Off The Lorry!
Once the hut was unloaded the next thing to do was manoeuvre it into position by pushing it around the side of the truck.

Making use of local resources.

The hut is placed next to the truck.

The drop of the hut was no worse than doing it in the UK, and then after a couple of hours the hut was in place to the relief of all involved. 

Happy to see it in place. 

Next was to get the truck off of the grass.
This did not go to plan.

The truck was broke. It was the weekend and the truck was going nowhere. At least the boat back wasn't for a couple more days.

The Owners Couldn't Wait to Spend Their First Night In the Hut.

We enjoyed some of the sights while the trucks problems were on our minds, and were greatly in debt to the hospitality of our hosts. We tried many ways to get the truck drive-able over the weekend, but only succeeded in getting it to the bottom of the lane where it was rescued by a much bigger truck.

Red Rescues Yellow.

The truck floats!

Views from the Hut.

The hut, however, did not care, being sat where it was with wonderful views of the Nordic coast. Spectacular views, which we are told, have been gazed upon by many of the Norwegian royals, albeit from the other side of the fjord.
More of the view from the hut.

A truck free zone.

Finally the truck was on the boat home, ready for its next adventure. And then, eventually a return trip to Norway with another hut, a friend for the first, since the original was loved so much.